R Stride & Co Accountants

About Us

So what do we do and charge...

First Year Free (as long as you stay with us for year 2)

Upon registration we will send you our initial pack which includes:-

  • Specialist designed Book keeping book (book not just a few peices of paper)
  • Where do I start manual
  • Drivers Instructors business manual
  • Book keeping manual
  • Laminated sheet to use with pupils **
  • Tic Tacs **
  • Baby Wipes **
  • Calculator **
  • Other business aids

** All will become clear... join us and see !

This is then followed by other packs which introduce you to other areas including:-

  • How to avoid tax investigations
  • How to increase your takings by up to 40% without and more hours or increasing your hourly rate !
  • How to decrease your fuel costs by up to 25%
  • Pension and retirement planning
  • Personal debt management, credit cards, bankruptcy, debt management etc
  • Have you a personal will ?
  • Book keeping review
  • Year end tax planning on reducing your tax
  • etc etc

We shall the prepare your first years accounts and tax return completely free !!!

The year end pack is not just a set of accounts and tax return, but a complete pack of other items including all your working and childrens tax credit claim information, business improvement tools etc

You will also have access to our dedicated members area, with a whole range of resources, and the ability 24 hours a day to download your last accounts, tax return and get access to your tax credit information and next tax forecast.

Second Year

More advice, more packs, more great service, another free "specific to that year" book keeping book and diary

The second and subsequent years will be at £35.00 per month by standing order.


First year to 5th April 2019 no charges !!!  ( If you also need 5th April 2018 there will be a £85 charge including vat if you have traded for more than 5 months.  No charge if less)

Second year to 5th April 2020   £35.00 per month = £350 plus vat (starting April 2019) Thats two years for £350 plus vat or £175.00 plus vat per year... we possibly have become the cheapest accountants in the country !

How can you lose ? Try out our service.  For a detailed copy of the fee structure click here