R Stride & Co Accountants

the small print

The following is the full details from our engagement letter regarding our fees



10        Fees  


10.1      Our fees are normally computed on the basis of the time spent on your affairs by our partners and staff and on the levels of skill or responsibility involved  You have opted however for a monthly fee retainer to cover your fees. Our service is a monthly accountancy service and does not relate to particular year end accounts or tax return preparation.  Fees are charged per month and will continue to do so until you no longer require the service.   


10.2     If one tax return and/or accounts have been produced we make the condition that you then stay with our service for a further 12 months, or payment is made for those 12 months. 


10.3     Fees paid (or due) by standing order are non refundable in any circumstance. 


10.4      As we have agreed fixed fees in advance, we have the right to charge you the time on our costing records should we feel  necessary.  This will be discussed in full and the reasons why and agreed with you prior to the invoice being raised. 


10.5      A 10% charge will be invoked if any invoices (if issued) that are not paid within 3 days of the invoice presentation and a further 1% of invoice total per month (or part) thereafter. We reserve the right to collect any legal or other debt collection fees that might occur together with statutory interest.  We also reserve the right to terminate our engagement and cease acting if the account is unduly delayed in payment.  However, it is not our intention to use these rights in a way that is unfair or unreasonable. 


10.6      Should you require further credit terms, then this can be arranged, in advance of the work or service being presented to us. 


10.7      A surcharge of £20 will be added if full books and records are not provided to us within 7 months of your financial year end and this will increase to £40 after 9 months. 


10.8       As a driving instructor we collect our fees by standing order.    It is up to the client to cancel   

standing orders if they no longer require our services.  R Stride & Co can not do this as it is a standing order not a direct debit. 


10.9       Any standing orders that are not paid to our bank account will invoke a £5 charge where  

cancellation of the service has not been advised and clause 10.6 has not been acted upon. E.g. you still intend to be a client 


10.11     Where a client ceases in self employment (and wishes us to prepare accounts and the next tax  

return) between 6th April and 30th September our monthly fees will continue until the September payment of that year.  Where the cessation date is between 1st October and the following 5th April (and wishes us to prepare accounts and the next tax return) our monthly fees will continue until the March payment has been collected.   


10.12    A 10% refund of fees paid (in the last 12 months or the next 12 months **) will apply for  

every client that is introduced to our firm.  Please ask for further details. 


** your choice