Driving Instructor Accountants, Harrogate, Yorkshire
ATT Licensed Accountant

What we Offer...

Pack 1 - Registration and signing up

  • Dedicated drivers instructors book keeping book
  • Dedicated 365+ page diary (3 different designs to suit you)
  • Unique book keeping system that eliminates book keeping on a night !!
  • Full diary completion instructions
  • Driver instructors manual (what to claim, how does the tax system work etc)
  • Book keeping instructors manual
  • Seminar notes (if been to one of our seminars)
  • Tic Tacs **
  • Free calculator
  • A couple of pens (if you can find them !!)
  • baby wipes **
  • 10% discount voucher off our fees for introducing new clients (50% if 3 clients introduced)
  • Revenue (tax and class 2 NIC) registration forms (all completed - just need signing)

Pack 2 - Previous History and introduction to tax investigations

  • Full review into your past history.
    • Were you an employee, was your tax correct ?
    • Were you self employed. Was your last tax return correct ?
  • Our 15 page guide to avoiding tax investigations

Pack 3 - Following up with tax investigations

  • An in depth look into your tax affairs and putting in place steps to avoid a tax investiagtion
    • is your private mileage being recorded properly
    • Are you claiming properly for your own home
    • Are you using bank accounts properly
    • many other areas...

Pack 4 - Half year review

  • Send in your book and we prepare a half year set of accounts
  • Tax forecasting... let you know what your future tax payments are
  • Full book keeping review. Are you doing it correct, can we claim for other items

Pack 5 - Year end

  • Not just a tax return and set of accounts but a full pack with 14 different items in
    • Business review, what have you spent.. too much, too little ?
    • Working tax and childrens tax credit details
    • Tax planning for the future
    • Fuel consumption improvements suggestions

Pack 6 - Why do my accounts early

  • Dedicated guide to why do my accounts early
  • How to decrease your chances of being investigated by up to 75% !!!

And the above is just year one, from when you join us to the following 5th April !!!

Year 2 and beyond !

  • will planning 
  • Personal debt planning (have you a credit card or overdraft)
  • how to increase client numbers and therefore income
  • Advertising - how to gain clients !
  • Safety issues and the driving instructor
  • Our statistics guide... lots of questions asked.. "what do pupils think is the worse thing about their driving instructor ?"
  • Tax planning (how to reduce your tax bills)
  • What happens if I cant afford my tax bills)
  • 6 month accounts again !
  • much much more !!!!

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